• Ashley Spencer

Sodium-free Sodas - yes, it exists!

Whole Foods 365 brand sodas ALL have 0mg of sodium. They are all caffeine free, except for the regular cola, but they do have caffeine free cola. It tastes just like the caffeine free Coca-Cola.

Here's my take on the different flavors:

Orange soda - this one is my boyfriend's favorite. It's got the orange soda flavor, without the syrup taste. It tastes like fresh oranges.

Lemon Lime - I like this one. It's yummy. Tastes kind of like Sierra Mist.

Cherry Vanilla - yum! So good! It tastes like a cream soda.

Root Beer - this one is my absolute favorite! It tastes creamy like those craft root beer sodas.

Ginger Ale - this one is my least favorite. It tastes more like lightly flavored water.

Caffeine Free Cola - this one is my second favorite. Tastes exactly like the Coca-Cola version.

Caffeinated Cola - I can't have this one because of the caffeine, but I'm assuming it's good. My boyfriend has yet to give me his review.

We have a stock pile of all these flavors in our fridge. It's made with carbonated water, sugar and flavoring. I'm not exactly sure what gives regular sodas 45-180mg of sodium, but these are great! I was super happy when I found them!

Here is the nutrition label on the Root Beer:

You'll find these in the soda isle of Whole Foods. Enjoy! 🥤