• Ashley Spencer

Low Sodium PB&J

When you have to eat low sodium, sandwiches are something you typically have to give up. Bread is usually 150mg per slice, then you add in deli meat at 400mg+, cheese at 100-200mg, condiments even more... it adds up quickly. I remembered many years ago seeing no salt peanut butter. I went on a mission to find bread, peanut butter, jam and jelly that were as low sodium as I could possibly get. I wanted to be able to eat at least one sandwich. My mission was a success! Behold my low sodium bounty!

Here we have bread. I've seen this at Walmart, Target and even Dollar Tree. I went down the bread isle at Walmart and looked at the sodium content of every single loaf of bread - like a total obsessive weirdo. My obsession is your treasure because this bread is 80mg per slice. It's not as hearty, but it'll do. Everything else was 120mg per slice or more.

Next ingredient in a PB&J is the peanut butter. I looked at Kroger, Target, Walmart, and found nothing. I wasn't going to give up hope! Finally, I got over my disdain for the entire organic food industry (and Amazon... that's a story for another time), and took myself down to Whole Foods. There I finally found no salt peanut butter! Unfortunately it's also no sugar in addition to no salt, but I can live with it. You can find this the isle closest to the produce with the other peanut butter and jams. Look for the section with their 365 brand products in the peanut butter. They usually put it in the middle of the section so that's what you see first.

Finally, jam... Every jam bottle I checked at Whole Foods, Target, Kroger and Walmart all were 0mg of sodium across all brands. Make sure you check the label just to be sure.

There you have it. My short and sweet version.

Enjoy! 😋