• Ashley Spencer

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Through luck of genetics, one of the many gifts I have been given through my father's DNA, I have been "blessed" with Meniere's Disease. Most of you reading this know what it is, but for those of you who don't know... It is an inner ear disorder where high sodium levels create fluid buildup in the inner ear, which causes vertigo episodes and the feeling that your ear drums are going to explode. It's quite fun... not! Every episode you have damages your ears, which can lead to hearing loss. Now on to why I've made this little blog. As I've learned through a Meniere's group on Facebook, I am somehow a treasure trove of low sodium products that no one knows about. It was suggested I start a blog to impart my knowledge upon the world, and I thought why not? I pay $17 a month for this website, might as well use it for something. 😆

If you are like me and hate cooking, you are not alone. I'd rather starve than cook. 😜 I'll share some easy meal recipes for those who also hate cooking, as prepared by my boyfriend. He's very generous and useful... and he makes me chili I can eat. 😋 I think I'll keep him. Just kidding, sort of. You know I love you Hugo. 😘 I hope you find some of my knowledge and culinary laziness useful in your own life.

I'll share what I've learned about places I've been able to eat, what menu items to order, tips on asking for substitutions, and what I've found on trips to the grocery store, along with where to find it in the store. See you again soon!